Delay shipment of my order

Please verify that your payment has been confirmed and none of the items are backordered or sold out. If the issue is still there, please send email to service@mlshopp.com

Why my order was partially shipped?

Main reasons are:

1. The items are overweight so need to be shipped in different packages.

2.  The item is out of production or stock for a long time. In this case we may firstly ship the rest to you, and send you an reminder email. Please check your email and let us know your decisions for replacment or refund.

Why my order is still in process a few days after the order has been completed?

If your order is still in process 48 hours after payment, it means that some items in your order are out of stock. We usually need 2-5 days to restock these items. If you still have concerns about your order, please contact us by service@mlshopp.com

How can I cancel my order?

1. If the order payment status is “Pending”, you can contact us to help you to change it to “Cancelled” 

2.  If the order has already been paid but has not been shipped out yet, you can contact us to cancel the order to get a full refund. 

3.  If the order has already been sent out, we can not help you to cancel the order. You may choose to send back the unopened products after you've received them, and we will refund the money upon our receipt of the returnning item(s). 

Please contact us by service@tpbuy01.com

My order is not in my www.tpbuy01.com Account

Main reasons are : 

1. The payment system was encountered an error when you were placing the order; 

2. You placed your order as a guest (without logging in to www.tpbuy01.com account). In this case please follow the steps to solve the problem:

Step 1: Please make sure that you have completed your payment by checking your payment account for the payment information.

Step 2: You should contact us by sending an email to service@tpbuy01.com with the transaction ID, invoice ID or your payment email address.

Step 3: Our customer service center will resolve the issue for you as soon as possible once received your order details.

For further information about refund policy or order management, please contact us by service@mlshopp.com


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